Service Delivery

Service Delivery

Overall goal of JPLG II is to augment local government capacity to become the legitimate authority concerning the allocation, coordination and delivery of quality services in a responsive and accountable manner. One of the notable achievements of JPLG over the past seven years in the areas in which the Programme has been operating has been the renewal of confidence among ordinary citizens in the role of local government, and in their willingness to participate in various tasks and to perform their own obligations as citizens. In so doing, JPLG contributes indirectly to the restoration of peace and the rebuilding of the state.

JPLG II pursue three broad strategies to further strengthen and expand the capacity of LGs to deliver quality services to their constituents. One is to engage more directly with central government non-state actors in improving the delivery and quality of services. A second is to enhance the enabling environment for local economic development through local governance. A third is to promote responsive governance and improved service delivery through enhanced social accountability mechanisms.

Output 3.1: Local governments deliver improved services through enhanced engagement with communities, central government and non-state actors.

Output 3.2: The enabling environment for local economic development is enhanced through local governance.

Output 3.3: Good governance and service delivery is improved through establishment of effective social accountability mechanisms.