Puntland Government launched on 27th –November-2016 official independent Auditing to investigate JPL

Puntland Government launched on 27th –November-2016 official independent Auditing to investigate JPL

The Ministry of Finance has organized official meeting to foster the Auditor General mission to investigate and auditor districts projects implemented in 2015.

This meeting was attended by representative from the Ministries of Finance and Interior, UNCDF field team and as well as PMU representative. The Auditor General visit is to perform external Auditing to the districts LDF with aim to foster the transparent and accountability strengthened and to enhance intergovernmental system and service delivery.

Ministry of Finance together with JPLG partners needs to be accountable in its use of Public money and in providing effective, efficient and economic service delivery, in such desire, the Audit General plays a valuable role by improving transparent and strengthening coordination between districts and Central government agencies for the purpose of accountability.

The Audit General intends to work together with JPLG partners and maintain the good relationship with its partners and promised to share a comprehensive synopsis Audit report for the 7 districts (2015 projects) implemented

The Ministry of Finance has conveyed on practical guidelines including the official allocation figures and the update/tracking project payment of 2015 LDF and other grant status, this preparation aim is to find out all necessary documents to support audit preparation.However, the officials was agreed that the Auditor General has to share the field plan and the terms of reference of the activity.

The Ministry of Finance undertaken LOA activities in consultation with JPLG/UNCDF to obtain essential technical support to the office of the Audit General to carry out independent auditing investigations to the districts 2015 LDF projects, adherence to the procurement procedures, check districts financial account, compliance to the existing standing operational procedures and guidelines and physical inspection of the 2015 projects.Notably; the office of the Auditor General will send its team to 7 JPLG districts and will investigate 61 projects including LDF projects, LED project as well as SDMs.

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